"On behalf of Jeff Rosenheim, Curator in charge of the Photography Department and curator of Photography and the American Civil War, and the entire Met Museum family, I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for making last night’s performance powerful and unforgettable. Graham, your work on the images will remain with me always- you brilliantly brought out the inner narrative of the photographs. Your impact will resonate in the building for a long, long time."
– Limor Tomer (General Manager, Live Arts, The Metropolitan Museum)
I met Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky in 2013, when he was writing his “Book of Ice” and had a residency at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.  We discussed a potential collaboration with my live interactive art and his innovative music production and live DJ performance.  This led to my supplying the visual content for two events he performed at the Met.
I created interactive visuals for his Book of Ice show performed in March 2013.  In April I worked in tandem with Jeff L. Rosenheim, the Curator in the Museum’s Department of Photographs, and Paul to select original civil war photography from the Met’s collection for a new project.  I collaborated with Peter Strain and my team at ILQC to produce a unique collection of video pieces.  The collection was a mixture of rendered video content and interactive visuals.  Paul performed with a string quartet on the night and my work provided an exciting visual accompaniment. It was an honor to work with such historical material and the performance was very well received by the museum and the curator of the event Limor Tolman

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