Ardens Sed Virens
"Ardens Sed Virens" is latin meaning burning but fully alive.  This piece is created to draw you into a meditation on the past, present, and future...

Take time to breathe, open yourself to the living, burning leaves and bush, and allow them to exist fully neither contradicting the other but rather in a moment of perpetual supernatural union. 

As you are slowly drawn into the scene, reflect on times that maybe the flame around you was too hot and your leaves burnt… slowly release that memory, that painful experience gently. Don’t allow the pain of the past to cause you to doubt your capacity to be fully alive today.  

Maybe you have never let yourself catch fire for fear that the flames of your passion fully alive might consume you… Allow the heat to come upon you, allow your dreams to come to life in a picture of your future.  Is there anything in your present that needs to be re-directed to allow that picture to come to be?  How can you give ignite your passion?  And then give it space to burn?

Ardens Sed Virens was created as a living 3-dimensional digital space, it is possible to experience it in VR and the video piece is available in 8k resolution.

Ardens Sed Virens is available for purchase supplied on physical framed video canvas for display in your space and as an nft as evidence that you own the original.  Contact me for more information. 

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