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Connection, Synaesthesia and resonance


Highly experienced creative director

I have a rare balance of visual artistry and deep technical knowledge— expertise in creative strategy, conceptual development, film, motion design, interactive, experiential, social, and integrated marketing. I am a passionate leader who constantly pushes the envelope, developing algorithms, inspiring my team, and pushing technology to excite, awe and delight.

I have directed videos for Justin Beiber, Sam Smith and Dua Lipa and created live video shows to over 100,000 people with DJs such as David Guetta, Armin Van Burren, and Boys Noize. I have invented world-first software platforms for The BBC and produced 30m high building projections for the Cultural Olympiad. My work to date has around 250 million views.

Exceptional leadership skills directing all phases of creative development from concept to production across various platforms, channels, and devices. A strong believer in continual improvement, consistently provoking a culture of innovation and excellence.

Mentoring, managing and inspiring teams of up to 25 diverse personalities in fast paced environments. Built multiple teams from the ground up, including developing creative, technical, and personnel workflows. Highly experienced in leading cross-functional team collaboration, capable of leading creative side of product development, managing engineers and developers alongside creative talent.

Growing new business and developing solid client relationships.

I spent years developing this practice performing with DJs in front of live audiences

My show was created by layering live-rendering animations created from the audio frequencies, with pieces of filmed content, motion graphics, and real-time analogue and digital effects. I could manipulate all these elements with my video mixer and digital controllers. This manual setup allowed me to be highly reactive and improvise on many different levels, quickly shifting form, colour, and intensity. While using algorithms and the live audio frequencies provided a stream of endlessly unique inputs to create layers of complex visual compositions.

Before each performance, I prepared video clips, elements and programmed algorithms. However, when the DJ started to play, the crowd began to dance, and I felt the vibe; I began to create that night’s unique performance. I would weave a narrative arc of the night’s progression, with colour theory, film making techniques and the raw physical impact of the visual display technology.

I loved the immediate feedback between the moment of creation and the audience’s response.

Synaesthesia, resonance, euphoria and incandescence

Somewhere between the waves of light, the lines of code and my intention, I found a new space.

Somewhere unknown, yet discoverable, something visceral, I could feel—something which became more than the sum of its parts.

It could be synaesthesia and resonance or euphoria and incandescence, but I like to think it’s a portal to another existence.

I take all the inputs, free myself from distractions, and create an immersive, experimental, algorithmic production environment.

I always felt like the audience came with me; they experienced the same otherness, excitement, and release. My club shows lead on to festival stadiums and then large scale projections onto city buildings. I continued to seek to keep the magic of all these elements coming together in the moment. One of my most significant achievements was directing and producing the animations and projections for The Land of Giants show for the Cultural Olympiad in 2012.

The Huffington Post wrote:

5 Stars. Within minutes it is clear the Land of Giants is something very special indeed… startlingly original, moving and breathtaking… striking British art.”

More often these days, I’m working outside of the live space for a piece of music an artist has already created. However, I still love to produce in an immersive place;

I take all the inputs, free myself from distractions, and create an immersive, experimental, algorithmic production environment.