Virtual Production: Future Revelation

Writer / Director

  • Kanisi
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Close your eyes, take a deep breath in…

Now let it out…

Imagine an alternate dimension, where the battle between light and dark, between freedom and fear, between originality and conformity is personified, there are armies fighting to control the atmosphere over a planet and a people.  

The war has raged for centuries but, finally, in the darkest hour, when it felt like all hope was lost across an entire world…

The champions of light are victorious, they channel their source combine their might and creativity to finally win.  The final battle is ferocious but the victory is eternal.

In the aftermath of this victory, they ascend home, to their city and people.  On arrival, they enter the throne room of their king to dedicate their victory.  Overwhelmed with the emotions of joy, relief, and awe they kneel before their awesome king. 

Slowly from this moment of reverence drums begin to beat, more and more drums the beat becomes intense and everyone begins to celebrate.  They laugh and jump and fly into the night.


DP Carl Quinn

Choreographer & Dancer Bow Robinson

Dancer Michael McEvoy

Dancer Jade Orla

Dancer Jay Asolo

Gaffer Niall Flynn


Steve Lewis
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